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25 Dec, 2008

Green Peace-action Alert

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Dear Friend, I’m writing to let you know that we’ve launched Care2 Causes. All of us at Care2 have been working hard on this for the last few months, and we’re very excited to finally show it to you. Since you are an Action Alerts subscriber, I know that you are passionate about changing the [...]

17 Dec, 2008

Sustin si promovez

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16 Dec, 2008

Green Peace – Alert

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Hi , In January, the world’s economic leaders will gather for the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2009 to discuss the current financial crisis and ways to mitigate its effects. This conference is a powerful opportunity to advocate for the needs of those most hard hit by this situation — the global poor. To this [...]

14 Dec, 2008

Brazi ecologici

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Se pot comanda aici:

07 Dec, 2008

Adoptati un catelus

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03 Dec, 2008

Green Peace

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ACTION ALERT Genetic Engineering TAKE ACTION Write directly to the UK and German Ministers now Dear friends, The UK and German Environment Ministers are trying to wreck Thursday’s EU meeting on GMOs. With less than 48 hours to go, we need to focus now on these politicians alone — to isolate them, and register our [...]

02 Dec, 2008

Ziua Mondiala de Lupta anti Sida

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Crucea Ro?ie Romn? organizeaz? campania Adev?rul despre SIDA. Transmite-l mai departe! pentru a marca Ziua Mondial? de Lupt? anti SIDA (Pia?a Universit??ii)  

01 Dec, 2008

Mesaj util pentru toata lumea (primit pe mail)

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INFO "Cei care lucreaz? pe salv?ri, pompierii etc. au ajuns la o concluzie foarte important?: ei au observat c? persoanele accidentate sau care au suferit alte nenorociri, au la ei telefoane mobile. Cu toate acestea, cei care au ajuns s? i salveze, nu ?tiu pe cine s? anun?e din mald?rul de nume de pe lista [...]


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