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31 Ian, 2009

Green Peace

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Emergency Intervention is Saving Lives During Ethiopian Food Crisis Ask friends and family to join the fight >> Hi, A recent United Nations crop assessment found that at least six areas of eastern Ethiopia have seen a near total crop failure because of inadequate rainfall. The UN also announced that the country-wide drought is likely [...]

29 Ian, 2009

Green Peace

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WHALES CAMPAIGN WHALING AND DEALING Take Action! Ask the US to stop negotiating at the expense of endangered whales Dear friends, We have received worrying rumours of a political deal that could result in increased whaling off the coast of Japan – threatening already endangered whales. We need your your help in ensuring that this [...]

20 Ian, 2009

International Living

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Hi, Millions witnessed the inauguration of Barack Obama as President of United States, a sea of faces carried to Washington D.C. by a current of hope and the promise of change. Truly, it was a sight to behold. Share your hopes for the Obama Presidency. Of course, every inauguration is a celebration of democracy’s [...]

15 Ian, 2009

Greenpeace Newsletter

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ACTIVISTS NEWSLETTER January 2009 Sign up for a plot of land, a bit of climate campaign history What would happen if somebody bought a piece of land right in the middle of the proposed third runway site at Heathrow Airport near London? Well, we’ll find out… because that’s what we’ve just done! It’s all over [...]

07 Ian, 2009

Green Peace -petition for peace

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Hi, On Monday, Masouda al-Samouni lost her 10-month-old son to an Israeli missile attack. She had been preparing food for the baby when the missile struck. "He died hungry," she said. With 1.5 million people, the Gaza Strip is one of the most densely crowded areas in the world, and Israeli artillery, tank and missile [...]


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