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26 Noi, 2009

Green Peace

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Let’s Keep the Copenhagen Summit Honest: Don’t Double Count Aid Forward to friends >> Hi, The poorest parts of the world will be hit first and worst by climate change, and many leaders are rightfully promising to help people living in extreme poverty adapt to the strain of global warming. This sounds great, but unfortunately, [...]

05 Noi, 2009


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Don’t let Apple hog the green! Have you heard the good news? When you told Apple that you wished its products came in green – they listened. Your voice turned Apple into a green IT industry leader – and we wanted to say thank you! Because not only has Apple dropped the worst toxic chemicals [...]

05 Noi, 2009

Iubiti animalele!

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"Cnd eram un c??elu? te binedispuneam cu n?zdr?v?niile mele ?i te f?ceam s? rzi. Ziceai c? sunt copilul t?u, ?i indiferent de cte perechi de pantofi ?i-am distrus ?i de cte perne am smotocit, am devenit prietenul t?u cel mai bun. Ori de cte ori f?ceam vreo n?zbtie, mi ar?tai degetul ar?t?tor ?i mi spuneai: [...]


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