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Britain’s Got Talent faces suicide warning over humiliation of performers. Mental health charities are calling for ITV and Simon Cowell to re-examine urgently how they select contestants for their talent shows, warning that a tragedy is Read more

Happy Memorial Day – How does one stay true to their diet and exercise program during this festive weekend? Memorial Day is a special time of year; for most of the country it is the final signal for summer to start – although snow in June has been known to happen. This past winter was [...]

31 Mai, 2010

How I Found the Best Weight Loss Diet

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There are so many nutrition plans in the marketplace that promise us that we can reduce our weight. The only problem is that a lot of nutritional plans in the market are not effective. Read more

What are the best abdominal exercises? It is a saddening experience to wake up every morning and find that as you are climbing out of bed, you are also dragging on average for most overweight people an extra ten to fifteen kilos of acquired and unwanted fat. This is also weight which is detrimental to [...]

31 Mai, 2010

Is Alli Effective For Weight Loss?

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The Alli program claims that you can achieve slow and steady weight loss, which leads to a healthier lifestyle, without having to go through rigorous diets and exercise methods. But is it as effective as it claims? Read more

31 Mai, 2010

The Top Four Exercises For Best Abdominal Development

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Every bodybuilder wants that "six-pack abs" look. The "six-pack" look is only obtained by a consistent program of healthy diet, cardio training and weight training. However, deciding which weight training exercises to do for the abs is often confusing. It doesn’t have to be! There are only four abdominal exercises that you need for proper [...]

The internet has been coined the information superhighway. There are millions of websites and new ones are being created each day. You can learn about almost anything on the internet from how to start a business, planting vegetables, marketing tips, personal finance, history, science, how to lose weight and any other topic you can think [...]

LeViktorThomas: @thedinolife please leave your gross health problems off twitter. 2010-05-29 23:22:10 Reply View joaanna96: RT @BieberFeverfied: #ThankyouJustin @Twitter please make it trend. Its a belieber moment Read more

A lot of people think that cutting calories to lose weight is the only reliable way in losing those unwanted fats on our body, or do you think there is still another way of losing weight which utilizes available biological studies. Diet like Atkin’s Diet is proven to be effective to our body and because [...]

30 Mai, 2010

The Secret New Way to Lose Weight

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With all the "light" and fat free foods available, all the diet and exercise programs that you can find for free or cheap and all the support groups all around us, obesity is still on the rise while. At the same time, we are told all you have to do to lose weight is eat [...]


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