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Jumo, a new venture started by Chris Hughes, Facebook’s cofounder and the social media maven behind Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, launched in public beta today. Billed as a social network for social causes and activism, the service aims to help people find and discover issues they care about with their friends, keep tabs on [...]

30 Noi, 2010

Burn Fat and Build Muscle for a Great Looking Toned Body

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Burning fat is an easy exercise if you use the right method. The right method and really simple solution is to use more energy than you put into your body. Simple you will say. So simple in fact that a lot of people just ignore it to get started with yet another faddy diet. Read [...]

30 Noi, 2010

White Hair Flecks Can Mean Dandruff or Other Issues

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Specks of apparent dry skin in our hair can indicate dandruff or possibly some other issue. It could just be lint from your clothing or from the pillow if you just woke up. Or, it could be dandruff, a relatively common problem. There are all kinds of mane problems which are a concern to many [...]

30 Noi, 2010

Your Dental Health Is Affected By Your Diet

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The habit that affects our dental health besides keeping our oral hygiene is our diet. Diet is definitely one of the key factors in keeping our mouths and teeth healthy. Read more

29 Noi, 2010

Make Your Hair Grow Faster Today

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The average person grows half an inch of hair per month. Although you can’t make your hair grow at a tremendously faster rate, there are a few things that you can do to help it grow a bit faster than average. First off, make sure that you eat a healthy, balanced diet. Read more

For those of you following a gluten free diet plan, try your own gluten free cakes recipes this Christmas. Cakes can be prepared very easily with the large range of mixes available nowadays; they are available in a range of flavors from many different companies. Read more

Cinnamon can help diabetics lose weight, if it’s the right kind of cinnamon. People usually enjoy the taste of cinnamon when it’s added to apple cider or baked goods. Do you know putting a small amount of cinnamon in foods or taking cinnamon in capsules can significantly improve your blood sugar levels? Read more

28 Noi, 2010

How to Control Ulcerative Colitis Flare Up?

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Flare up symptoms of ulcerative colitis can be controlled by natural remedies and also medication. While herbs like turmeric, aloe Vera and Boswellia have a major role in controlling the inflammation; patients should also avoid high fiber diets and cut down on stress. Read more

Inflammatory bowel diseases include both Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Both of these are inflammation of the intestines. They lead to inflammation of the intestines, ulcers, bleeding of the intestines; the commonest symptoms are diarrhea, abdominal pain fever, fatigue and cramping. Read more

My friend is new to the idea of Candidiasis and candida supplements, but not new to the idea of anti yeast diet. After years of negative tests that might explain her symptoms, she started assuming that she had a lot of food sensitivities. She eliminated foods by trial and error over and expanse of 20 [...]


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