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31 Ian, 2011

Edible Baskets Could Make a Nice Change From Flowers

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If your loved one is ill or on a diet for Valentine’s Day the chances are that they won’t relish an extravagant chocolate gift. A refreshing change would be to give him or her either a fruit edible arrangement or fruit edible baskets. Edible baskets normally contain seasonal organic fruit, in some cases the fruit [...]

There are many obese people out there these days who are doing nothing about the fact that they are overweight. With all the information given over the internet I don’t understand why people would decide to be so lazy. In this article today I am going to review the easiest exercises that you can do [...]

31 Ian, 2011

Getting Healthy Testimony

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I will admit that my weight loss journey started out about me fighting diabetes, but I feel that by praying and asking God for help, He turned my mission into His Will for my life. Now I can say that God’s Will for my life is to be a living testimony. Read more

31 Ian, 2011

RIP John Barry | Row Three RIP John Barry

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The great composer John Barry, most famous for his iconic scores for the Bond films, died yesterday aged 77 of a heart attack after having suffered from poor health for a long time. With 5 Oscar wins under his belt he’s one of cinema’s Read more

Hip-hop pioneer DJ Kool Herc recently fell ill due to an unknown health condition, which has landed him in the hospital, where he is currently admitted. The 55-year-old is reaching out to his fans at this time, requesting loyal Read more

Yes! More than getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly? Yes! Read more

Siwon’s English name is Andrew Choi 17. Heechul’s English name is Casey Kim 18. Kangin’s English name is Jordan Kim 19. Kangin’s disney name is Beast (Beauty and the Beast) 20. Sungmin’s disney name is Alice (Alice in Wonderland) .This site is for ELF to gather the lastest news and updates of our bestes boy [...]

29 Ian, 2011

Health And Nutrition Should Be A Part Of Everyday Life

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Eating healthy food is not just the latest fad or something people are doing just because they are looking for something new. Instead, it is something we must do if we want to change this downward spiral that we have been on for years. At some point in time, years ago, fast and processed foods [...]

Would you believe that becoming healthier is so attainable that you can do it within a 3-week or 21-day period? No, this is not one of those “get skinny quick” ploys that you see all lining the shelves at any given store or filling your air time in-between your favorite TV shows. In truth, there [...]

29 Ian, 2011

Healthy Eating Habits Are As Easy As 1, 2, 3

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So many diets, these days, stress no carbs and no fat. However, these are two of the most important ingredients to any healthy diet. In fact, healthy fats, proteins, and good carbohydrates are the three key ingredients to staying healthy. Not only will these components keep you healthy, but they will allow you to burn [...]


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