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Where muscle toning and body sculpting is concerned, nothing beats weight training. Not only is it perfect for increasing strength, it also promotes weight loss by hastening metabolism even 24 hours after an intense workout session. Read more

Charles Robbins, Executive Director and CEO of the Trevor Project had this to say, Much like cancer used to be the unmentionable health epidemic; it’s now suicide and has been. Suicide, in America, is the third leading cause of death Read more

09 Mar, 2011

Is the Dukan Diet Healthy?

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Is the Dukan Diet Healthy? To decide if the Dukan Diet is healthy or not, it is extremely advisable to check the pros and cons linked to this diet. When opting to take on this diet it is also advisable that one should consult their medical professional in order to avoid any health-related issues that [...]

Poor Dougie had to catchy Yanni. The McFly hunk split from The Saturdays beauty for a second time late last year and the bassist says he still has strong feelings for her. He didnt see it coming at all and still doesnt know why. Read more

05 Mar, 2011

Worms in Dogs: How The Diet Can Help

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Worms in dogs can be a persistent problem for dog owners. Here’s how the dog’s diet can help ward off this persistent nuisance. Read more

We live in such a health conscious world nowadays that listing foods which lower cholesterol is almost pointless; there are hundreds of other websites that will do this for me. But what about the ones that raised your cholesterol levels in the first place? Remember them now that you’ve adopted your new healthy diet? I [...]

Monosodium Urate Crystal (MSU) is what causes the painful gouty inflammation that tortures many adult males nowadays. Most of the gout patients do not know much about the gout they are having, all they know is that gout is related to high blood uric acid level and they must reduce the consumption of high purine [...]

A Health Food shop supplies products for losing weight, food supplements, diet pills, energy drinks, multivitamin tablets, natural hair products and organic food produce. Over all that is a true picture of a health store. Read more

Eleuthero helps you lose stubborn belly fat and assists with weight loss for women and men. This type of herb assists your work out boot camp or other exercise program. Read more

28 Feb, 2011

3 Foods That Can Greatly Impact Your Health

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I have heard them called super foods, and many other descriptive terms used. Researchers say that these three foods, beans, fruits, vegetables, should be equal to more than half you daily diet. They are full on complex carbohydrates, antioxidants, Fiber and vitamins and minerals. Read more Copyright 2010 Crystal Media Communications

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