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30 Iul, 2010

Care2 petitionsite

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Hi, Overfishing has the potential to negatively impact multiple ecosystems, changing the earth’s ecological balance as we know it. It’s time to take control of fishing practices and find a more sustainable relationship with our oceans. We need a new policy that will stop overfishing, end destructive fishing and deliver fair and equitable use of [...]

Health is one of the most important thing in live, because if health is missing, nothing else matters too much. You could be rich, but with money you can not buy health all the time. Beauty is very important for everyone. You could be very attractive and beautiful, or not. It is important therefore to [...]

Am sa incep prin a explica pentru cei care nu au aflat inca, ce inseamna sistem MLM: multi level marketing, sau pe scurt sistem piramidal. Cei care practica acest sistem declara sus si tare, ca nu este vorba de MLM sau sistem piramidal, deoarece in multe tari este interzis prin lege. Ei incearca sa-i convinga [...]

22 Apr, 2010

Astazi este “Ziua Pamantului”

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Verde inseamna viata!

12 Dec, 2009

Health Care in Canada and USA

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Concluzia: sa nu te imbolnavesti daca esti sarac si n-ai asigurare de sanatate, oriunde te-ai afla in lume!

05 Noi, 2009


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Don’t let Apple hog the green! Have you heard the good news? When you told Apple that you wished its products came in green – they listened. Your voice turned Apple into a green IT industry leader – and we wanted to say thank you! Because not only has Apple dropped the worst toxic chemicals [...]

05 Noi, 2009

Iubiti animalele!

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"Cnd eram un c??elu? te binedispuneam cu n?zdr?v?niile mele ?i te f?ceam s? rzi. Ziceai c? sunt copilul t?u, ?i indiferent de cte perechi de pantofi ?i-am distrus ?i de cte perne am smotocit, am devenit prietenul t?u cel mai bun. Ori de cte ori f?ceam vreo n?zbtie, mi ar?tai degetul ar?t?tor ?i mi spuneai: [...]

28 Oct, 2009

Green Peace International

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October 2009 1/5 of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions result from deforestation. The rainforests of Indonesia, along with the carbon rich peat soils they grow on, form one of the largest natural carbon stores on the planet. They are a vital defense system against climate change. The rate at which Indonesia’s rainforests are being destroyed [...]

27 Oct, 2009

Eficienta cladirilor verzi

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Termenul de verde defineste orice constructie noua sau veche care minimizeaza sau elimina riscul de a dauna mediului. Constructorii pot folosi solutii tehnice moderne, cum ar fi ferestrele specializate sau solutii traditionale, ca ventilatia naturala. Randamentele excelente oferite, in timp de astfel de constructii ii conving pe dezvoltatori sa aloce fonduri importante in acest sens. Daca [...]


26 Oct, 2009

Green Peace

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       Have you sent YOUR climate care package to Copenhagen? We urgently need your help in the lead up to the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen this December. We’re trying to get as many people as we can to send a virtual package to the conference. Each package contains our demands and, if you have [...]


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