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21 Apr, 2009

Green Peace

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GREENPEACE International


Happy Earth Day!

We are celebrating Earth Day with the release of a new video – ‘Inspiring Action‘ – which we would like to share with you as part of our thanks for your continuing support of Greenpeace.

you’ve finished watching the video we are also hoping that you’ll be
inspired and help us to share its message of action on behalf of our
environment by taking some online action yourself … and helping us
recruit 3 million people to become climate activists. Yes, you
read it correctly. 3 million. It’s a big number because the Earth needs
big action this year.

Here’s what you can do:

First: Enjoy the video. Click on the YouTube logo at the end to rate it and leave a comment!

Second: Share it with your friends and family

Third: Take action for the climate this Earth Day by signing our online petition: ask our world leaders
to take personal responsibility for the future of the climate and
attend the UN Climate summit at the end of the year. But not just
attend, they need to ensure a good deal for the climate.

Here’s to a future that’s green and peaceful. Together we can make it happen.

All of us,
Greenpeace International

Greenpeace International


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