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26 Oct, 2009

Green Peace

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You Turn the Earth

Have you sent YOUR climate care package to Copenhagen?

We urgently need your help in the lead up to the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen this December.

We’re trying to get as many people as we can to send a virtual package
to the conference. Each package contains our demands and, if you have
time, a brilliant slogan — to be delivered by a quirky cardboard cartoon character with YOUR face on it. The best slogan will appear on a Greenpeace banner and the characters will be part of a virtual video march.  The more we have the better:

Click here to get started:

Climate Summit will see over 15,000 officials from 200 countries gather
in Copenhagen with 1 goal: to agree on a deal to combat global warming. This is a truly incredible event which has the power to mark a U-turn away from decades of inaction on climate change.
That’s why we want to make sure they not only agree on a deal, but make
a firm pact for change that packages together 3 clear actions:

  1. Big cuts in emissions from rich countries
  2. A fund to save our forests
  3. Funds to help developing countries deal with climate change

Please, help us make sure their solution truly delivers. Visit and send  your message.

Let’s make sure our political leaders know we want them thinking about the next generation, not just the next election.

Greenpeace tcktcktck


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