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27 Sep, 2008

Green Peace

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Double success

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Dear Friends,

We’ve got some great news about our campaign for a nuclear-free Middle East, and a European law to cut CO2 emissions from cars.

Climate campaigning works — but hardly anybody knows about it yet! Can you please share the success stories below with your friends, and invite them to join us too? Simply forward this email.


European Parliament votes to reduce emissions from gas guzzlers
In a long-awaited display of responsibility, the European Parliament’s Environment committee has voted through a strong package to reduce emissions from cars. As the committee went into session, it seemed certain that a compromise package riddled with loopholes would be the one to pass. However, the MEPs voted to stick with meaningful legislation, turning their backs on nine months of lobbying by the car industry.

Turkish nuclear plans powered down
Just two days after thearrest of 37 activists from Greenpeace and Global Action Group protesting against nuclear energy in Turkey, there has been a victory. For months, the Energy Ministry of Turkey has been intent on selecting a supplier for its first nuclear energy plant. The plant would have been the first of a number the Turkish government says it wants to build. Instead, plans have been stopped dead in their tracks. It turns out energy companies just aren’t that interested in the risk of a new nuclear energy plant.

Every success in the struggle against climate change is an opportunity to rejoice, and bring more people to the cause. We need many more of them (campaign successes) and many more of us (people taking action) to solve the climate crisis in time!

So come on — environmentalists, activists, and Earth-lovers — sign up for Greenpeace email if you haven’t already. We’ll email you a monthly campaign newsletter, plus timely alerts when collective action is most effective. That’s how campaigns like these are won.


Best wishes,

All the Greenpeace climate team




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