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05 Iun, 2009

Green Peace-Action Allert

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Care2 Action Alert


albatrosses, killer whales and of course people can all jump for joy at
the latest news from the Republic of South Africa! The country is set
to establish one of the world’s largest Marine Protected Areas (MPA) around its Prince Edward Islands. This inspiring achievement will help reduce the ecological impacts of fisheries, particularly on endangered seabirds.

a note to South Africa’s Environment Minister thanking his department
for creating this 11,846 square mile ocean sanctuary >>

The Prince Edward Islands in the Southern Ocean
is amongst the world’s most important and diverse regions. But until
now, the islands have been threatened by illegal and irresponsible
fishing practices.

This bold step
will provide critical habitat for many unique species, including 13
percent of the world’s King Penguins population, five species of
Albatross, 14 species of petrels, three species of seals and killer

Encourage the Republic of South Africa to keep up the good work! >>

"This is a historic day in marine conservation in South Africa. All of South Africa’s current MPAs are located very close inshore. The commitment of the first large offshore MPA moves South Africa into a new era of marine conservation," Dr Deon Nel, head of the WWF Sanlam Living Waters Partnership, said.

Thank you, Elena, for making a difference to ocean wildlife today.

From Care2 Truly,
Robyn E.
Care2 Petition Site Team

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