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12 Iun, 2010

Green Peace – Care 2

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Often we take for granted our access of the internet and the way it empower us to participate in discussions and speak about the things that are important to us.

But Karim Amer, a young blogger from Egypt, was sentenced to four years in prison for doing just these things.

Amer was charged with publishing material critical of Islam and Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarek and imprisoned, despite the fact that he acted within his universal right to peaceful freedom of expression.

Even worse, Amer claims that while imprisoned, he has been beaten at least twice under the supervision of a prison officer.

All people should have the freedom to peacefully express their opinions. Tell Egyptian President Hosni Mubarek to free Amer and accept all people’s right to freedom of expression.

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Free Egyptian Blogger
Karim Amer
Peaceful  free speech is not a crime.
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