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28 Oct, 2009

Green Peace International

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GREENPEACE International October 2009

1/5 of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions result from deforestation.

The rainforests of Indonesia,
along with the carbon rich peat soils they grow on, form one of the
largest natural carbon stores on the planet. They are a vital defense
system against climate change.

rate at which Indonesia’s rainforests are being destroyed makes it the
third largest climate polluter after the US and China.

This week our Climate Defenders Camp
launched with the help of 200 local people on the Kampar Peninsula – a
site of major forest destruction. The camp will remain in the heart of
the Indonesian rainforest for several weeks ahead of the UN Climate
Summit in Copenhagen in order to bring urgent attention to the need for funding for forest protection.

Expect lots of excitement coming from our camp at the frontlines of
climate change – including a visit from French actress (and one of the
stars of Quentin Tarantino‘s latest film Inglourious Basterds) and climate ambassador Mlanie Laurent!

Visit the Climate Defenders Camp online here.
What is missing from the upcoming UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen?


We’re trying to get as many people as we can to send a virtual package to the conference – we can’t all be at the summit in person, but we should all be represented.

The virtual package will include our demands and a climate slogan chosen by you – the best one will be used by us in Copenhagen during the Summit!

Send yours now and vote for the best one in the Gallery.
Google, IBM and Microsoft fail to meet Cool IT Challenge

Meet Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google. Google has a reputation for leading in the IT industry – but not on the climate. At least, not yet.

Instead Eric and Google currently enjoy #4 rank on our Cool IT Leaderboard due to a lack of transparency about Google’s own emissions. Unfortunately, Google isn’t alone.

See how the IT giants are measuring up on the leaderboard – then help us turn IT leaders into climate advocates!
Host your own Age of Stupid premiere! Host your own Age of Stupid screening

After a successful global premiere on September 21st and 22nd, the Age
of Stupid – Franny Armstrong’s chilling film about global warming -
continues to be seen all around the world, thanks to Indie screenings!
You can now arrange to screen the film whenever and wherever you like -
the film is already available in 31 languages.

Plan your own Age of Stupid screening here.
Greenpeace videos:

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