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19 Sep, 2008

Green Peace-September Letter

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ForestLove - a little more action please FORESTS: EU illegal timber law in jeopardy
European Commission still hasn’t voted on a law against illegal timber.
We need your help to hit our target of 100,000 letters to the
Commission President by September 23rd (we’re almost there, but our
deadline is Tuesday). Please join in and take a look at our new video, Forest Love Letter to Commission President Barroso.

* TAKE ACTION: Write to the EU, or invite your friends to join in

Coal on trial CLIMATE: Greenpeace activists cleared in landmark global warming trial
cleared; Coal guilty! Just last week a UK Crown Court acquitted six
Greenpeace UK volunteers of criminal damage to a coal-fired power
This verdict marks a tipping point for the climate
movement. It stands as a warning to governments and energy companies,
and an inspiration to activists and people struggling already against
the causes of climate change.

* Read about the direct action, the trial, and the historic jury decision.

Deep Green DEEP GREEN: On Diego Garcia
March 2008, two former Greenpeace skippers – Jon Castle and Peter
Bouquet, both from the original Rainbow Warrior crew – sailed into the
lagoon of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, to protest the treatment of
the dispossessed islanders, the Chagossians. Deep Green this month
looks at what documentary filmmaker John Pilger famously called
"Stealing A Nation".

* Read Rex Weyler’s latest column

Month In Pictures PHOTOS: Month in pictures
latest "Month in pictures" includes a stunning collection of images
from recent Greenpeace actions and activities around the world. Every
photo has a caption and a "Read more" link to get the full story.
If you can’t find the words to tell someone why you’re with Greenpeace,
just share this link.

* See a month in pictures

Did somebody forward this message to you? Then SIGN UP HERE

* Whales: Write to the Prosecutor

* Forests: Watch our video, get involved

* Climate: Europeans, get your MEPs to take the lead on climate

* Donate online

  * Chris Robinson RIP, 1952 – 2008. Read tributes to Chris on our blog.

* Latest Greener Electronics Guide shows Nokia on top.

* Jobs at Greenpeace on ships, on the street, and in our offices around the world.


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