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Greenfield Blogs Network

This blog is a proud member of Greenfield Blogs Network.

The network of Greenfield Blogs was started in may 2007 by a group of well-known professionals in different businesses from US, UK, Switzerland, Holland, Greece, Bulgaria, United Arab Emirates and Romania.

As the Internet is the most important medium of communication these days, our network contributors are dedicated to deliver through blogging valuable free information to make a difference. There are now part of the network more than 100 blogs published in different platforms on private owned domains.

The subjects of blogs have a wide coverage from casual subjects to IT, music, training, real estate, events, investments, software, video games, sports, cars, internet marketing and healthcare.

The network will expand in the future and we welcome partnership proposals and any enquiry to our e-mail:, the main blog of the network is a content blog, highlighting the best posts from the network and is published along with all the other blogs by Crystal Media Communications.

Please feel free to republish the favourite content from our blogs and to let your friends from the social networks know about it the only request being to put a functional link to the original article. The best ones will be awarded and we will appreciate any feedback from you. Happy Greenfield blogging and let’s make together this world a better place!

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