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05 Noi, 2009


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Don’t let Apple hog the green!

Have you heard the good news?

When you told Apple
that you wished its products came in green – they listened. Your voice
turned Apple into a green IT industry leader – and we wanted to say
thank you! Because not only has Apple dropped the worst toxic chemicals
from its products – but the company itself is making some bold green

At the beginning of October Apple stormed out of the US Chamber of Commerce – a lobby group that has been using its funds to oppose climate change legislation.

Now we need your help to push the rest of the IT industry to follow in
Apple’s footsteps – we can’t let Steve hog all the green.

Companies like Google, Microsoft, and IBM
have a lot of green potential – they just need to start living up to
it. They need to start showing some climate leadership and the first
thing they could do is like Apple speak out against the climate stance of the US Chamber of Commerce.

Sign the petition
that asks them to call the US Chamber of Commerce on its anti-climate
legislation position or leave the Chamber in protest as Apple has
already done.

Apple’s green attitude shows that you can turn IT
companies into leaders – now we need to turn the rest of the IT
industry into climate leaders.

Check out our Cool IT Leaderboard to see how major IT companies are ranked so far.

Read more about the successful end to the Green My Apple campaign – thanks to you!

Here’s to a future world that’s green and peaceful,

All of us
@Greenpeace International

Check out Action Pact!
Greenpeace International

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