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Meanwhile Senior Epidemiologist of the Health Ministry Dr. Sudath Peiris yesterday warned the public to be vigilant of the fast-spreading AH1N1 influenza, which has claimed 22 lives from all parts of the country by Friday and added that Read more

As you read my other articles you may have observed that I have often referred to “good nutrition” or to the Mucusless Diet. This Mucusless Diet is taken from the teaching done by Dr. John Christopher’s School of Natural Healing and is the “good nutrition to I am referring. It is healthy, promotes healing, and will not harm us. By the way, overweight people using this diet just seem to lose weight without trying! Read more

17 Mar, 2011

Parasites and Diseases Frequently Found in Dogs

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Most dog owners know that the key to a healthy dog is a nutritious diet and lots of exercise. Although important, these two items alone do not make your dog completely impervious to disease or infection. Probably the most important you can do for your dog is to pay attention to them. Read more

Lately coley has become my fish of choice for making curries. It is meaty and white, tastes great and unlike its close cousin the cod, it isn’t endangered. This could be called a diet curry as it really is quite light. The flavour is amazing. I tend to add a few more chillies than recommended here as I like my curries quite spicy. Read more

Minister Don Ken told Prime Minister Philip that Vanuatu is experiencing a critical shortage of nurses and the current arrangement will help improve the situation in his country. The Minister described the scheme as a win-win situation Read more

17 Mar, 2011

Eating Healthily: How to Achieve the 2 and 5 Rule

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An article about the importance of consuming adequate amounts of fruit and vegetables and how to achieve your diet goals. Achieving your diet goals does not have to be painful or hard. With some simple tips, you will be well on your way to reaching the healthier you you have always wanted. Read more

To lower your current cholesterol level, you will have to come up with changes in your diet. Your need to deal with higher levels of cholesterol could very well place you at an increased risk regarding serious medical issues for example heart problems consequently when you recognize that there is a issue with your cholesterol levels, you must do some thing to reduce it. Read more

16 Mar, 2011

The Diet Solutions And Acceptable Dairy Products

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For the most part it’s my belief that you should try and avoid diary as part of the diet solutions. Dairy products interfere with the cleansing-healing process because their density and high saturated fats challenge both digestion and metabolism. Read more

You already know that diet plans for healthy weight loss can make it easier for you to walk to the grocery store or up the stairs without huffing and puffing, and that you can feel more self-confident at a healthy weight. Beyond the surface, there are also significant benefits of getting on a healthy eating plan, which can help motivate you to stick to diet plans. Read more

Getting slim, losing weight, getting a good diet plan, getting rid of cardiovascular and health related disease are all intertwined. Usually, once you have a good diet plan like the Mediterranean diet pan, odds are that you will naturally reduce the amount of calories in your body resulting in decreased occurrence of heart related problems. The other perks include shedding weight, burning fat and gradually slimming down. Read more


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