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22 Apr, 2010

Greenpeace on Earth Day

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Earth Day 2010 Dear friend, This Earth Day I’m hoping you’ll celebrate by watching our new Earth Day video and inviting those in your life to join Greenpeace with you. Our planet is facing bigger challenges than ever before. Our ancient forests are being chopped down and our oceans recklessly fished out and polluted at [...]

22 Apr, 2010

Astazi este “Ziua Pamantului”

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Verde inseamna viata!

21 Apr, 2009

Green Peace

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  Happy Earth Day! We are celebrating Earth Day with the release of a new video – ‘Inspiring Action‘ – which we would like to share with you as part of our thanks for your continuing support of Greenpeace. When you’ve finished watching the video we are also hoping that you’ll be inspired and help [...]

21 Apr, 2009

22nd April 2009 – Earth Day

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Celebrate Earth Day Celebrate Earth Day Wednesday, April 22 join the rest of the global village in celebrating the "third rock from the sun" this little scrap of the universe that we call home. Earth Day offers a great opportunity to focus on the environmental issues we face as a species; to inform ourselves [...]


13 Mar, 2009

Pe 28 Martie 2009 se va stinge lumina

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