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21 Ian, 2010

Click to help Haiti!

Posted by: greenfield In: Green Peace

Hi, If you have 30 seconds today and every day, you can make a difference for the people of Haiti. Care2 just launched our new, free Click to Help Haiti, partnering with respected international relief nonprofit Oxfam to help fund emergency water and sanitation services for survivors of last week’s devastating earthquake in Haiti. I’m [...]

17 Ian, 2010

Green Peace – Help Haiti!

Posted by: greenfield In: Green Peace|news

Help Haiti on Care2 Please donate to any of these reputable international charities involved in the rescue, relief and recovery in Haiti Redeem your Butterfly Credits to help Haiti – your butterflies can fund emergency clean drinking water for survivors in Haiti through Oxfam Hi , By now I’m sure you have seen pictures of [...]

28 Dec, 2009

Greenpeace International

Posted by: greenfield In: Green Peace

Dear friend, It’s been an incredible year. Together we have made a journey around the world campaigning to stop climate change, protecting the forests and oceans, working for safer food and cleaner water, and helping to create a more peaceful and safer planet. It’s been non-stop. We’ve launched creative and successful campaigns across the globe. [...]

23 Dec, 2009

After Copenhagen

Posted by: greenfield In: Green Peace

CLIMATE CAMPAIGN ACTION ALERT Dear friends, Last week world leaders let us down at the Copenhagen climate summit. We expected a fair, ambitious and legally binding treaty that would protect the climate. But leaders left without agreeing to the cuts in greenhouse gas emissions that science demands. They delivered words but no real action. It’s [...]

09 Dec, 2009

GreenPeace – Copenhagen

Posted by: greenfield In: Green Peace

Get your COP 15 updates here! Greetings from Copenhagen! Today we delivered your signatures to the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen (COP 15) – all 10 million of them! People all over the world united in calling for a fair, ambitious and binding climate treaty to be signed at the Summit which started today – [...]

26 Noi, 2009

Green Peace

Posted by: greenfield In: Green Peace

Let’s Keep the Copenhagen Summit Honest: Don’t Double Count Aid Forward to friends >> Hi, The poorest parts of the world will be hit first and worst by climate change, and many leaders are rightfully promising to help people living in extreme poverty adapt to the strain of global warming. This sounds great, but unfortunately, [...]

05 Aug, 2009

Green Peace – Action Allert

Posted by: greenfield In: Sanatate

Hi, I am so happy to be writing this message. The news has just broken – former President Bill Clinton’s mission to North Korea was a success, and U.S. journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling have been pardoned by North Korean officials. Euna Lee and Laura Ling will be coming home. According to the BBC [...]

15 Iul, 2009

Green Peace-Action Allert

Posted by: greenfield In: Sanatate

Urge Kenya to Ban Carbofuran Pesticide and Protect Africa’s Beautiful Wildlife Carbofuran pesticide which is banned in the United States and the EU is poisoning Africa’s wildlife. Watch the video and take action to help ban this poison in Kenya. Forward to a friend >> Read the petition >> Dear Friend, Good [...]

08 Iul, 2009

GreenPeace-Climate Action&G8 NOW!

Posted by: greenfield In: Sanatate

Action to save our climate is happening right now in Italy: As you read this our activists are scaling chimneys, chaining themselves to conveyor belts and blocking coal shipments at multiple locations in Italy. They will be occupying coal-fired power stations during the G8 Summit beginning in Italy today and demanding that world leaders gathering [...]

30 Mai, 2009

Green Peace- Action Allert

Posted by: greenfield In: Sanatate

Save the Endangered Species From Logging in Malaysia >> Forward to friends >> Hi, In the region of Terengganu, Malaysia, a stretch of forest filled with endangered wildlife is disappearing. Put an end to the unnecessary logging that’s killing endangered wildlife! >> In preparation for a new hydroelectric project, the Terengganu state government is logging [...] Copyright 2010 Crystal Media Communications

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