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14 Aug, 2010


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Hi, Care2 members continue to amaze us with their dedication. Your actions help make this world a better place. Here are a few recent examples of what you have helped accomplish. Gray Wolves Return To Endangered Species List We are happy to announce gray wolves in the Northern Rockies will once again be protected. After [...]

30 Iul, 2010

Care2 petitionsite

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Hi, Overfishing has the potential to negatively impact multiple ecosystems, changing the earth’s ecological balance as we know it. It’s time to take control of fishing practices and find a more sustainable relationship with our oceans. We need a new policy that will stop overfishing, end destructive fishing and deliver fair and equitable use of [...]

Health is one of the most important thing in live, because if health is missing, nothing else matters too much. You could be rich, but with money you can not buy health all the time. Beauty is very important for everyone. You could be very attractive and beautiful, or not. It is important therefore to [...]

Am sa incep prin a explica pentru cei care nu au aflat inca, ce inseamna sistem MLM: multi level marketing, sau pe scurt sistem piramidal. Cei care practica acest sistem declara sus si tare, ca nu este vorba de MLM sau sistem piramidal, deoarece in multe tari este interzis prin lege. Ei incearca sa-i convinga [...]

12 Dec, 2009

Health Care in Canada and USA

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Concluzia: sa nu te imbolnavesti daca esti sarac si n-ai asigurare de sanatate, oriunde te-ai afla in lume!

04 Oct, 2009

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  We are very happy to announce you about the launch of Beauty and Health 4 All online shop featuring market’s the best 100 products for beauty and health, a great customer service and immediate worldwide delivery. The categories of the shop are: general health, weight loss, women’s health, men’s health, colon health, sexual health, [...]

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Puteti sa-l vedeti pe Michael Jackson non-stop pentru ca este week-end dedicat. Trebuie sa beti minimum 2 litri de apa pe zi si sa va hraniti sanatos. De cinci ori pe zi: Fructe De cinci ori pe zi: Legume menu/shop/getExt.p..

13 Aug, 2008

For a Better life!

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