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14 Aug, 2010


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Hi, Care2 members continue to amaze us with their dedication. Your actions help make this world a better place. Here are a few recent examples of what you have helped accomplish. Gray Wolves Return To Endangered Species List We are happy to announce gray wolves in the Northern Rockies will once again be protected. After [...]

12 Iun, 2010

Green Peace – Care 2

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Hi, Often we take for granted our access of the internet and the way it empower us to participate in discussions and speak about the things that are important to us. But Karim Amer, a young blogger from Egypt, was sentenced to four years in prison for doing just these things. Amer was charged [...]

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16 Sep, 2009

Va rog semnati petitia!

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"Noi spunem NU abuzului sexual fata de minori!"

18 Aug, 2009

Petitie de la Societatea Romana de Cancer

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da mai departe :   Va rog sa semnati petitia: In cadrul proiectului "Demnitate si respect. Drepturi pentru supravietuitoarele cu cancer la san", Societatea Romana de Cancer trebuie sa stranga, pana la 1 septembrie, minim 1000 de semnaturi de sustinere a modificarii legislative prin care dorim acordarea gratuita a protezelor de san femeilor care au [...]

21 Iul, 2009

Salvati Bucurestiul-petitie online

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Din partea asociatiei "Salvati Bucurestiul": Va rog sa semnati si sa popularizati petitia Initiativa pentru salvarea patrimoniului construit", pe care o gasiti on-line la adresa Este o forma de presiune pentru operarea unor schimbari legislative absolut necesare in protejarea patrimoniului. Daca aveti acces la personalitati culturale, va rog sa le indemnati sa semneze on-line [...] Copyright 2010 Crystal Media Communications

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